Bamboo Village in Kuala Lumpur

Bamboo Village in Kuala Lumpur Bamboo Village in Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Volunteers required. Help us on day to day activities at Bamboo Village

Volunteers required. Help us on day to day activities at Bamboo Village at Bamboo Villagenteers required. Help us on day to day activities at Bamboo Village

Experienced, friendly and PROACTIVE Volunteers required !![Priority from
We are a small outfit (one-man show) that require your help in day-to-day running of our beautiful and one-of-a-kind resort in Malaysia.

If you are outgoing and have experience in the service industry or are good with tools, gardening, and general upkeep or other skills; you are welcome!
We require people that are willing to stay on site here for a minimum period of 7 days. The volunteers will be provided with free board. Food is sometimes provided (if there are resort guests and catering is provided for them), but you have access to two kitchens where you can prepare your own meals. 
We have internet access (not wifi though). 

You need to be familiar with at least 2 of the activities listed below.

1. Housekeeping (including cleaning of the rooms, common areas, bathrooms, changing the pillow covers and bed sheets). Cleaning also includes dusting the bamboo houses, sweeping the floors, and mopping the floors. 
2. Maintenance (this means painting, repairing, oiling, taking care of the tools). This means you must know how to use tools effectively and safely, and possibly posses other amazing skills like woodworking or tooling or engineering skills.
3. Service Industry Skills (know how to work with booking, reservations, replying emails professionally, guest service relations, customer service experience).
4. Gardening/Landscaping (taking care of the grounds including cutting the grass and raking the leaves on a regular basis). Any other experience with gardening, or permaculture or landscaping is preferred.
5. If you feel you have other special skills that might be a contribution, please do let us know.

WORKING HOURS: Full time (on call - generally 3-5 hours per day). NOTE: Once activities are completed volunteers are encouraged to relax and enjoy the nature, exploring the jungle, small waterfalls and hot-springs in the area and even Kuala Lumpur city. 
Please be proactive and seek out duties without being told. Thanks :)
Minimum duration of staying is 7 days.Less than 7 day stay will consider as work & stay package wish will subject to a charges of RM20-00/day. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bamboo Village is a sanctuary. No alcohol or drugs are permitted. In return, our guests and friends get a unique life experience. Volunteers are also encouraged to mingle and communicate with resort guests. 

TRANSPORTATION: Pick-ups and Drop-offs are provided![charges RM20-00]
Meeting place is at LRT Station, Bandar Tasek Selatan (BTS).Meeting point:-

Meeting place is at  

If you are interested, please contact us. - NO SMS



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